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I grew up in Portland, Oregon. I spent my summers at Camp Fire Columbia’s Camp Namanu. I came to my love of the geosciences while working as a high school volunteer, as an in Cabin Counselor and Soil Student Leader at Outdoor School. I got a B.A. in Earth Sciences at Boston University. While there I worked with Dr. Rick Murray’s group on the geochemical characterization of volcanic ash at Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 52, in the North West Pacific. I spent a year at Sandy River Outdoor School as the Soil Field instructor before beginning a PhD in Oceanography at Texas A&M in the Fall of 2013. I graduated from A&M in August of 2018, and I am now a Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Washingtion.

img_1395 My long term goals are: 
1) To be an effective educator and mentor within the higher education system.
2) Use my position to increase the diversity of humans in Geosciences.
3) Do research that is multi-disciplinary, high impact and collaborative.